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damn thats powerful

this fucking pressure for men to be square shaped really pisses me off sometimes im glad that you all understand

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I am actually sick and tired of this illusion that men don’t have it as bad as women when it comes to body shape! We have just as much peer and media pressure as women! It kills me inside every day to have to look at one of my role models and know that no matter what I do I could never look as good as them, and that’s just based on my build, not including how much fat I have. It drives me insane when someone brings up the whole Wonder Women thing; how she and other portrayals of what a women “should” look like are far too unrealistic. Yet no one ever brings up the fact that superman has a puffed out chest so ripped it stops bullets, or how batman has abs literally padded into his suit, and then on the flip side of things the only fat or chunky characters in anything are used as a joke. They get super powers like bouncing, or being so fat things don’t hurt. I am clearly acknowledging that there is a problem, so no one should miss interpret that, but people need to realize that this problem is equal, to both genders.

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